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  • do i need to frame my painting?
    every piece is completed on at least a 1.5" deep canvas and made to be hung as soon as you receive it. if you prefer to have your piece framed, your local frame shop may suggest options to compliement your piece and the intended space. i typically recommend a black simple frame or a modern and sleek silver or gold one.
  • how can i commission a painting for my home?
    typically, commissioned pieces take an average of 4-6 weeks to complete. reach out to me directly for pricing and size inquiries.
  • how do i hang my painting?
    if you are a miami local, i will more than happily hang the piece for you personally. for anyone out of the area, prefferably, have the piece hung by a professional handyman or installer and if not, be sure to have assistance and try to follow cautionary rules and use high quality equipment.
  • does my painting come with a certificate of authenticity?
    each piece has its own unique certificate of authenticity for your records.
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